A doctor smiling at a young girl

Primary care

Primary care is the cornerstone of coordinated, effective healthcare because it provides the platform for members and their medical teams to catch conditions early and help you get healthy. Having a known, trusted team managing your healthcare is paramount to reaching your health goals.

With thousands of primary care providers available in the Embright network, rest assured you will find the right provider for you and your family. It’s important to consider your unique needs and preferences when selecting a primary care provider. 

A doctor showing a clipboard to a woman

It's all about you

Primary care is the key to coordinated, personalized care. Primary care providers will:

  • provide you with preventive care, treatment, and diagnoses
  • help you find the right specialist
  • guide you and your care when working with other providers and specialists

Routine virtual care 

Get care where you want it – in the clinic setting or at home. As an Embright member, you have access to virtual care services for urgent and routine medical care. Embright has simplified the way you find the care you need by walking you through the process of selecting the most appropriate care option, your preference for virtual or in-person care, and connecting you with the provider organization of your choice.

You can access your provider network wherever it is most convenient for you through your smartphone, tablet, or computer for an audio or video call. You will receive the same high-quality and personalized healthcare as you would in the clinic setting.

"Several studies have shown that people who have a primary care relationship receive higher-quality, lower cost medical care and have a better experience with getting care. A primary care provider can help you filter confusing and sometimes conflicting information on what is best for you, based on knowing your medical history and understanding your health care goals."

Shawn West, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Embright